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The meaning of money

How to earn money? How to spend money? How to solve the conflict between money and our core values (dignity, integrity, love, compassion, honour, kindness)? How money can positively contribute to our life and help us to become a bigger person?

Why money so importance to us? Because it can impact us in many ways:

  • (not only) the way we consume/ how comfortable we are and will be
  • Over emphasize the role of money
  • Our way of living
  • Our relationship: love, family, friends, collegues, relatives, community
  • You learn both from: giving money and spending money
  • Money can also help us to become bigger person, a real human being
  • Do not let money define you

Give and Take:

  • Value, contribution first, money later
  • The more you give the more you get

Money and Dignity:

  • Have you ever think about selling yourself?

Money: unite us and can also apart us

How to deal with money in our relationship? Family? Work? Society? Self?

Boys and girls?

Yêu không đòi quà

Love, I will not get back the gifts (Yêu không đòi quà)

What money cann’t buy?

Do not over emphasize the role of money?

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